Women at DP World in Australia

Women at DP World in Australia

Date: 09/03/2021

"We have strong women within our industry and they are capable of anything put forward to them"
- Hayley Tipene, VSE at DP World Sydney

To coincide with International Women’s Day 2021, we're shining a spotlight on women at DP World Australia to help dispel myths about our industry, share their working experiences, and discuss gender equality. Read our interview with Hayley Tipene as she discusses what it's like to work at DP World.

Have you always known what you wanted to achieve in your career? Hayley: Not really. I wanted to be a Chiropractor, but this opportunity to work at DP World came about and I haven't looked back.
What is the most annoying stereotype about women you have dealt with in your career? Hayley: The perception that we are not quite good enough to lead or take on a higher position. We actually have strong women within the industry and they are capable of anything put forward to them.
As a woman in a male-dominated industry what have been the main challenges you have overcome?

Hayley: I was one of eight ladies within the first female group [of stevedores] that started five years ago. So it definitely wasn't hard to join because we had each other. It was hard for the workplace, but the more eager we were to learn, the easier it was.

One of the challenges I've overcome is being able to actually talk to men. I have five years experience within the industry, and initially it was quite hard to work equally with them. But now that it is being noticed, it has become a lot easier to overcome the challenge.

What could stevedoring and logistics industry do to increase inclusivity, especially women in frontline and/or leadership roles?Hayley: Ensure women have the same access of opportunities within the industry. Let us have the same exposure to training. Listen and reflect on what we have to say.
What is a key piece of advice you would share with other women thinking of joining DP World?Hayley: Be confident in all that you do. Go in with a positive mindset. We can equally do great.
What's a little-known fact about you?Hayley: I'm really proud of making the NRL NZ Maori ALLSTARS team.
Who has been the most inspiring person you have worked with and why?Hayley: My twin sister. We both work together and having her by my side and knowing that I have another female to work with, makes it a lot easier to enter the workplace with so many men. Her drive and passion inspires me to give everything a go, and do great in every opportunity we are given.