DP World Logistics Expands Into Melbourne

DP World Logistics Expands Into Melbourne

Date: 23/06/2021

DP World Australia Logistics Pty Limited (DPWAL) expands its operations into the Melbourne market.

Sydney, 23 June 2021: DP World Australia Logistics Pty Limited (DPWAL) is pleased to confirm its expansion into the Melbourne market, with an On - Dock Rail facility offering a suite of Logistics Services to support the broader supply chain in Melbourne. This venture into Melbourne is a significant milestone for DP World Australia Logistics Pty Limited, to support its continued growth and expansion, further contributing to DP World’s broader strategy of enabling smarter global trade. The new facility will be located at Dock Link Road, West Melbourne.

The new Logistics site in Melbourne will offer the following benefits to its customers:

  1. A gateway for laden and empty containers, with direct rail access and ability to handle train lengths up to 1100 m long;
  2. Ability to operate on 24/7 basis if required; and
  3. Necessary Logistics Services associated with Empty and Laden containers.

With operations expected to commence in early August 2021 and staged investment plan for supporting its Logistic ambition, this new facility will have capability to hold 6,000 TEUs.

“DP World Logistics is excited about the continued expansion of its business into Melbourne and will play a pivotal role in cargo connectivity to and from the port precinct and supporting the users of the supply chain” said Ravi Sheshadri, Chief Operating Officer, Landside Logistics, Australia.

DP World Australia Logistics Pty Limited remain committed to playing a central role in enabling trade and contributing to a broader strategy to expand our operations across the supply chain throughout Australia.