Heavy snow in DP World Constanta - update 13.01.2017

Heavy snow in DP World Constanta - update 13.01.2017

Date: 13/01/2017

Dear Customers,

Please find below an update on terminal operations:

First vessel has been finalised during night shift, with second vessel already alongside. In terms of equipment, our team manged to mobilise an additional QC and 4 additional RTGs. The team is still 100% focused on restarting all equipment, however please note that even the mobilised equipment can still raise further issues due to possible electronic malfunction caused by the extreme weather in the past week.

Gate operations will be resumed today 13:00 for all categories of containers: import/export/empty, however please be aware that although snow has been removed on all access roads, there has been no operation within the stacks, which implies a slowed down tempo of operations and even stoppages.

Rail operations are at this stage still ceased, we expect to be able to start operating trains during night shift.

Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.