Heavy snow in DP World Constanta

Heavy snow in DP World Constanta

Date: 09/01/2017

Dear Customers and Partners,

Please be informed that at present the terminal is still heavily affected by the masive snow fall in the past couple of days. The team is actively focusing on snow removal activities and mobilizing terminal equipment in order to become operational as soon as possible. There are 10 permanent & dedicated snow removal machineries on site; since Sunday 14:00 we have them operating around the clock and will continue doing so until we are 100% functional.

We are maintaining our estimation to resume activities Thursday, AM, bearing in mind that according to latest weather forecast Tuesday evening another wave of heavy snow is expected. In the meantime we maintain our kind request and advice to not direct trucks towards the port as this would only lead to congestion at this stage. Meetings with Port Authority, Customs and Traffic Control are scheduled throughout the day, in order to properly coordinate activities and avoid blockages.

Thank you for your understanding,