DP World marks 20 years of presence in Romania by inaugurating the terminal at Aiud

DP World marks 20 years of presence in Romania by inaugurating the terminal at Aiud

Date: 20/05/2024


• €21 million investment in the new multimodal terminal with a total surface of 8.2 ha

• Direct connection with Constanța Port

• Impact in transforming the way trade is done in the region


Friday, 17 May 2024, Aiud DP World, one of the largest port operators globally, announces the inauguration of the new multimodal terminal at Aiud, thus marking both a significant expansion of its investments in Romania and two decades of operation on the Romanian market. The new facility, which absorbed a budget of €21 million, joins the company's series of strategic investments, strengthening Romania's position as a central hub in Europe's transport and logistics network.

The multimodal terminal in Aiud, located in the heart of Transylvania, has a total surface of 8.2 hectares and is designed to handle a cargo volume of 50,000 TEU per year, in the first three years of operation. It will support not only the region, but also the extended connectivity between the Port of Constanța and the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, based on improved logistics services.

"Aiud's investment underlines our long-term commitment to expanding our local footprint. In addition, it represents a major step in our strategy to support supply chain efficiency for our customers, offering integrated logistics solutions that efficiently connect Romania with the Europe's main maritime and inland corridors," said Rashid Abdulla, CEO and Managing Director of DP World Europe.

In addition to standard container handling and storage services, the new terminal in Aiud also offers customs services, an aspect that improves the logistics process for customers, allowing a faster and more efficient management of imported or exported goods.

In addition, benefiting from a 2.8 km rail link and 2.5 km internal rail shunts, which facilitate access and efficient handling of goods transported by rail, the terminal also offers night rail transport services on the route Constanța - Aiud. The new terminal will be connected to the maritime one in Constanța with a regular rail transport service, and the operated trains will have as their destination or origin all the major hubs in Europe.

Over the past 20 years, DP World has invested over €200 million in Romania, highlighting the continued growth and development of its facilities. In 2024, DP World aims to expand its activities and services, thus strengthening its leading position in the logistics and port sector in Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, the company's plans include increasing total local investments to €250 million by 2025.

"On the anniversary of 20 years of activity in Romania, we are proud to bring a significant advantage to the regional economy and contribute to the transformation of the local logistics infrastructure. DP World continues to innovate and invest in solutions that redefine efficiency and connectivity in global trade, " added Cosmin Cârstea, CEO of DP World Romania.

The new investment from Aiud comes in the context of other major initiatives, such as new facilities launched in the companies' hub in Constanța, including a project cargo terminal and a RO-RO terminal, but also the start of work for a new multi-transport platform in Constanța, which will open in 2025. Their cumulative investment amounts to over 115 million euros. These new developments are designed not only to support the continued growth of the Constanța port as the main logistics hub in the region, but also to ensure Romania a crucial role in the European distribution and trade network.

The impact of these investments in logistics and port infrastructure will transform the way goods are transported and managed throughout the region, providing significant opportunities for local economic growth and improving trade connections between Romania and the rest of Europe. Moreover, the initiatives reflect DP World's commitment to boosting trade and supporting the economies in which it operates, further strengthening the company's position as a leader in integrated and efficient logistics chain solutions.