Announcement 09.10.2018

Announcement 09.10.2018

Date: 09/10/2018

DP World Constanta has acquired and placed in all the buildings of the terminal a number of 60 bins for the correct segregation of all the waste generated by the specific activities of the company. Their aim is to make employees aware of the importance of selective collection.

This year the Go Green campaign came with the new theme, different from the past years. This year's campaign had the theme "Recycling Aluminum Cans".

DP World Constanta decided that to use these cans in order to manufacture of two mini - containers The campaign was attended by 55 employees and approximately 14 kg of cans were collected. The campaign was carried out in front of the canteen, where the two containers were painted in green and emblazoned with the name of the campaign.

Also in the third quarter of 2018, DP World Constanta has fulfilled its environmental permit requirements for the pre-treated waste water analysis in the sewerage network, with the results being recorded in the normal values. The quantities recycled to date from the beginning of the year are as follows: 6.24 t paper / cardboard packaging waste; 2.21 t of plastics waste.