Pivdennyi Terminal

Who We Are

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Terminal area Approx. 520 000 sqm
Container storage capacity

10400 TEU

2873 Ground slots
Annual cargo turnover550 000 TEU

Main rail front (tracks ## 172-176)

3 tracks 252m each

Subsidiary railway front 

(Tracks ## 187, 182-183)

Approx. 175m

Approx. 200m
Reefer yard storage capacity (stationary and potable plugs)

712 stationary plugs + portable reserves

Main berths ##

Berths 21-22 length overall 587m

 Subsidiary berths ##Berths 17-20 Length overall 1040m
Depth at berth

B21-22 14.7m

B17-20 13.7-15.3m
Allowed vessel draft

B21-22 14.7m

B17-20 13.4-15m
 Berth working areasB21-22 535m B17-20 a total length of 870m