HSE Standards

HSE Standards

1.   DP World Group HSE Policy

2.  Commitments we live by

Our Commitments are commitments that we consciously undertake to ensure safety and create a culture of safe working environment. These Commitments are based on DP WORLD's many years of experience and established by both international standards and local corporate policies and procedures for occupational safety. We would greatly appreciate it if you joined us in upholding Our Commitments.

3. Terminal layout schematic


4. Terminal rules

5.  Traffic management procedure

This corporate procedure regulates the rules of safe movement on terminal territory for both drivers and pedestrians, containing comprehensive information on how to move safely in the terminal areas.

6.  Information for clients and counterparties

7.  HSE Pillars


HSE Pillars are fundamental methods for ensuring safety and creating safe working environment for our employees and contractors.

8.  Ecological awareness