Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Creating a lasting legacy for our industry and society


‘Our Future’ looks beyond our business to address the lasting legacy we can create for our industry and society. Our vision for a better, more equitable world focuses on bringing positive change across the three legacy areas of Women, Education, and Water.


DP World’s Education Programmes are run with the motto, ‘Changing Lives, Changing the Future’. We intend to create a positive impact on the generations to come and the exiting global community by introducing relevant modules in regular curriculums related to geography, social studies and sustainability. With a goal to prepare the leaders of the future, it is important to inspire them and open their minds to subject areas such as sustainability and the maritime industry. Our focus is to develop economies globally especially where DP World has a presence, spread awareness about port operations and the logistic industry and create a future that combats prevalent sustainability problems.

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It is vital we not only protect but enhance the oceans, to safeguard blue carbon ecosystems and combat climate change through carbon capture, preservation and resilience-building. The ocean is the largest long-term carbon sink on the planet. It stores and recycles 93% of the earth’s CO2, but the rate of loss of these blue carbon ecosystems is the highest among all ecosystems.

The ocean is also vital to our business and an important economic driver – generating $3 trillion in economic value globally each year. What’s more, three billion people rely on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods.

With this much at stake, it is important we restore our oceans and natural ecosystems. We focus on blue carbon initiatives, particularly mangrove planting. This will safeguard our oceans and planet by combating climate change through carbon capture, preservation and resilience-building. As most of our global trading activities are through seas and oceans, we have devised Water Quality Monitoring, and regular Beach and Harbour Clean-Up Drives and run initiatives with Seafarer’s Centre. Organised campaigns such as ‘Say No To Plastics’ and ‘Tree Plantation Day’ also encourage the well-being of sea and ocean health.

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Women Empowerment

The trade and logistics industry is facing an annual skills shortage, particularly in the face of rapid technological development. With women representing a highly talented and skilled proportion of the workforce that is not being fully utilised, we are committed to increasing female representation to bring much needed skills and talent into the workforce.

In 2018, we launched a global mentoring programme – #MentorHer. The aim was to give all our female employees the opportunity to be mentored by a senior member of our business. In 2019, 121 women were mentored, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We aim to have 1,000 female employees complete the #MentorHer programme by 2030.

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