Our Projects

Our People:

Sustainability starts at home. We believe it is important to promote development opportunities that enable our employees to achieve business success and personal growth. We provide specific learning and development experiences to offer a competitive advantage in smart commerce.

We are a team of more than 600 employees, 50% of whom belong to our direct areas of influence.


The logistics industry exposes us to a wide range of health and safety risks. Our goal is to ensure that everyone returns home safe and sound by adopting a zero-harm approach and building a culture where safety is naturally ingrained in our daily actions and mindsets.


Mangrove Program - Committed to the environment, DP World's goal in Ecuador is to plant 100 hectares of mangroves in El Morro and Puná Island, so in addition to the 65 hectares planted so far, the company will plant an additional 40 hectares over the next 4 years.

Mangroves are important ecosystems and perform different functions: they produce large amounts of oxygen and store large amounts of carbon, they protect countless marine species, but above all they are the basis of subsistence for many communities along the Ecuadorian coast.


One of DP World's main pillars of sustainability is education, and globally we work on actions and programs to improve the quality of education in our surrounding communities, which is key to generating capabilities for the business. In Ecuador we work in different actions such as:

  • Macro cooperation agreement with the ESPOL University. The first phase of this agreement will provide a comprehensive strengthening of the educational sector in the area, and then in the medium term will develop an extension of this university, offering technical and maritime-related careers. The first project began with the preparation of people to obtain professional licenses. The macro objective is to create capacities among the students that can be a dynamizing contribution to the economy and generate wealth within the community.
  • Digital letter: DP World seeks to promote the virtual education modality, for which it is providing three infocenters with approximately 100 electronic equipment.
  • Global education program, with which we connect students with port education.
  • Training project, leveling course for the "Ser Bachiller" exam, our objective is that young people from the area of influence improve their chances of pursuing university careers aligned to the logistics business, expanding their job opportunities.

Female Empowerment:

The trade and logistics industry face an annual skills shortage, particularly in the face of rapid technological development. As women represent a highly talented and skilled proportion of the workforce that is not fully utilized, we are committed to increasing female representation to bring much needed skills and talent to the workforce.

We are the first port in Ecuador to have 6 female crane operators.

Our response to COVID-19:

The commitment acquired from the first moment with the community of the port's area of influence has been evidenced in this emergency with the delivery of 25,300 masks, 7,400 bottles of alcohol gel for sanitization and 6,950 food kits, through the parish COPAE of Posorja, El Morro and Puná, and the cantonal COE of Playas.

Various Projects:

  1. Omi courses for tour operators and artisanal fishermen
  2. Improvement of institutional infrastructure (police, health centers and schools)
  3. Volunteer program