Our Approach

As trade, commerce and lifestyles are increasingly being transformed by technology, we have kept pace with the demands of this Age of Technology through investments in our people by focusing on loss prevention techniques than mere guarding solutions. We embrace diversity, encourage personal development and provide our people with the tools to drive change.

Our Security Management System is aligned and accredited to ISO 28000. This standard was adopted due to it being a high level management standard, which allowed us to separately assess each security environment that we operate to develop, implement, and continually improve the measures that we adopted.

Security Compliance and Risk management remains our core focus areas. this is monitored through the Terminal Security Profile and Incident reporting applications.


  1. Security department is characterized by the presence of highly trained Security officers who play a major role in implementing company's Security rules throughout the port.
  2. Control Room of Security department is equipped with the latest Security systems and technology (CCTV), Access Control, Fire Alarm and Tetra Communication Recording that is beside a staff with highest level of efficiency for preserving company assets and clients’ interests within the port.
  3. Security Department provides great support to our customers by facilitating the procedures of issuance entry permits through the team in Permits section.
  4. Security Department continuously publishes the updates of company's Security policy which is concerned with the Security of its properties, employees and customers and should be in line with local and international laws.
  5. Recently, Security department applying visual Security plan by install cameras in Security pickups for further control during patrolling.
  6. Using the latest Security tools and equipment such as (X-Ray Scanners, Barrier Gates, Turnstiles, Explosive Detector) as well as the latest communication technology (TETRA) and that to maintain a safe working environment. Security Systems Support Team is providing technical support and maintenance for these tools.

The maritime lane of the port is fully secured through Marine Security Team, which in turn also monitors all maritime activities to ensure the proper applying of Security international agreements and to prevent any breach.