Refund Policy


Refund Policy

What are the conditions for a refund request?

The customer must have the original  invoice to be able to submit any refund requests.

Please note that all complaints/Refund requests must be submitted to our customers service team within 3  business days from the invoice date, otherwise any refund requests will be ignored.  

How to refund invoice amount?

Please contact our customers service team. Our customers service team will follow up with you within 20 business days on your refund request. 

What are the next procedures to be followed after sending your claim?

Our customers service team will investigate your refund request. If your refund request is approved, we will initiate a refund as per below methods of payment.

How do I track my refund request?

Our customers service team will keep you updated regarding the status of your refund request.

If you lost the original invoice.

Unfortunately, The Company can’t accept to investigate any refund request without the original invoice.

How can I get back my refunded amount ?

The methods of payment of any refund request will either,

By deducting the refund amount from the next due invoice to the customer OR,

Through a bank transfer to the customer’s bank account. 

If you have any question in relation to our refund process, please contact us through:

-              Hotline: 16646

-              Email: ([email protected])