A: DP World Sokhna call center is available to help and assist you 24 hours long on all weekdays (24/7).

A: DP World Sokhna call center is there to receive all your complaints, suggestions and inquiries regarding all your dealings with DP World Sokhna. It is the link between you and all departments. It helps you overcome any challenges, answer your inquires and convey your proposals.

A: You are kindly requested to submit your request directly to our CFS team with the related customs written approval.

A: Kindly submit a request through MTS so they can send us an email to act accordingly.

A: Kindly go to the pre-check window and they will assist you in cancelling the transaction.

A: First, kindly go to the Finance windows at customers service building to pay any due bills. Then, go to the CFS export windows and submit a copy of the invoice then your containers will be sent to the export yard so you can open it and remove the excess weight.

A: Kindly go to the Finance windows at customers service building to check the issue and to remove the financial hold for you.

A: If you forgot your password, kindly press “Forgot Password” button and we will send a new password to your registered email address.

If your password is expired, please press “Change Password” button and follow the instructions to set a new password.

A: DP World operates its own Warehousing facility in Sokhna.

This provides our customers the opportunities to add significant value to their cargo while still in DP World Sokhna’s Port by:

  • Unpacking/Stripping containers
  • Storing uncleared goods
  • Repackaging cargo
  • Consolidating and deconsolidating cargo
  • Inspecting cargo

A: Please check below Link:

(safety team shall add a link for the standard acceptable/unacceptable cargo)

A: Yes, MTS has a branch in Sokhna port whereby all services are available to submit documents.