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Centerm expansion Project (CEP)

2023 marked the completion of the The Centerm Expansion Project [insert link], a CAD 350m (USD 260m) award-winning project that aims to increase throughput by 60%, positioning British Columbia as a leader in sustainable trade.

The newly expanded terminal can handle 1.5 million TEUs a year, compared to 900,000 TEUs previously, while adding 15% to the terminal’s overall footprint.

Adding two new super-post Panamax cranes increases the terminal’s annual container handling capacity. Moreover, the project comprises two Neo-Panamax Quay Cranes and the berth length increased by 75 metres (12% increase). We also enhanced the truck gate capacity, container yard (27% increase) and rail yard (88% increase) to better serve our customers’ needs.

The terminal expansion also included the South Shore Access Project, which saw the remodeling of our terminal access through the removal of road and rail conflicts in the area and upgrades to Waterfront Road. This will help to more directly connect Waterfront Road to Highway 1 and the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Centerm Expansion Project represents a significant investment in the future of international trade. It shows DP World’s commitment to playing a vital role in connecting Canadian businesses to global markets while contributing to sustainable economic growth and prosperity for everyone.



Increased capacity

Annual terminal capacity increased to 1.5M TEUs


Reconfiguration & redesign

Reconfiguration of the terminal and increasing its footprint by approximately 15 per cent to increase container throughput capacity by 70 per cent


Better connectivity

Changes to Waterfront Road create a continuous port road from Canada Place to McGill Street. This will reduce port-related traffic on local roads in the Downtown East Side and East Vancouver


Equipment & infrastructure

Replacing two legacy quay cranes with modern super-post panamax quay cranes and the installation of five new electrified rail mounted gantry cranes