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Duke Point Expansion

The proposed expansion of Duke Point Terminal will provide exporters and importers with direct access from Nanaimo to global markets. The project has received financial support from the Government of Canada through Transport Canada’s National Trade Corridors Funding (NTCF) as well as support from the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure through the Stronger BC: BC’s Economic Recovery Plan under the Regional Port Enhancement Program. In collaboration with the Nanaimo Port Authority, DP World is committed to expanding economic capacity by enabling the efficient flow of trade both to and from Vancouver Island.

Key project components of the proposed expansion include:

  • Extension of the existing berth from 182 to 325 metres to allow international vessels
  • Replacement of the existing diesel quay crane with 2 fully electric quay cranes
  • Expansion of the container storage area including the introduction of refrigerated containers
  • Addition of covered storage capacity to accommodate a wider range of products
  • Construction of additional facilities including a new operations building and truck gate



Increased capacity

to provide importers and exporters with direct access from Nanaimo to global markets


Operational efficiency

The proposed addition of two fully electric quay cranes will help optimize operations


Redesign & reconfiguration

The proposed improvements will increase the multi-purpose paved storage yard from 15 acres to 30 acres


Collaboration & coordination

Working closely with partners and local communities in the design and delivery of this project.