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Reimagining tomorrow’s ports for today’s cargo owners

We see world trade as the backbone of sustainable economic growth. By moving goods across the globe, we're contributing to regional economic growth and changing what's possible for everyone.

Located at the junction of 3 key trade lanes

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Our Ports in Senegal
  Port of Dakar Port Of Ndayane
Container Capacity 900k TEU

Phase 1: 900k – 1,200k TEU

Phase 2: 1,600k - 2,600k TEU

Quay Length 720m

Phase 1: 840m

Phase 2: 1,250m

Number of Berths 3

Phase 1: 2 berths 

Phase 2: 3 berths

 Drafts 13m16 – 18m
 Ground Slots 4,441Phase 1: 11,506
 Reefer Points 560Phase 1: 1,404
 STS (Post-panamax) 6

Phase 1: 6 including 2 relocated from Port of Dakar

Phase 2: 10 in total

 RTG 20Phase 1: 20