Why Tumoohi

Why Tumoohi

Our mission is to enhance the capabilities of the next generation of Emiratis and create an attractive pool of skilled portfolios to successfully join the private sector workforce.


We are committed to investing in the next generation of logistics and trade professionals who will become the leaders of tomorrow. Emirati youth are fundamental component to the success of the UAE in the next 50 years of the nation’s development. Tumoohi helps join hands with the Government’s ambition to infuse youth into the national strategy as key holders and actors in the country’s development with a special focus on private sector.

Tumoohi Enabling Graduates

  1. Hands-on Experience
  2. Market-Ready Skill Development
  3. Work with the Best Companies
  4. Build a Strong Network
  5. Potential Long-Term Employment
  6. Access to New Opportunities


By connecting young Emirati talent to private sector companies, we aim to strengthen the corporate relationship of such companies to Dubai whilst investing in the community. This helps private companies to be more rooted and grow exponentially with the right human resources and talent available within the UAE.

Tumoohi Enabling Private Companies

  1. Connect with Career-Oriented Individuals
  2. Access to established networks within the UAE
  3. Strengthen ties with Emirati Community
  4. Access to Affordable Skilled Talent
  5. Short-term Commitments before Long-Term Agreements
  6. Support Government’s Emiratisation Initiative in Private Sector
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