Ahmed Al Awadhi

Ahmed Al Awadhi


With in-depth knowledge of the field and a sound understanding of the pressure points, strategy and objectives of the business, Al Awadhi, Head of Legal Department & General Counsel ensures the optimisation of legal services with the help of digital solutions

Since its inception, DP World through its ports and terminals and industrial parks and zones has contributed immensely to the economic growth of the emirate of Dubai and the UAE at large. The company’s model for success goes far beyond enabling smart trade across the region and the world. It emphasises several areas such as CSR, sustainability and most importantly laws and regulations to reinforce its status as the leading smart trade enabler.

By integrating modern solutions with legal procedures, DP World has enabled the nation in taking a huge leap in terms of enhancing the efficiency of business operations. Leading the legal department of DP World UAE is Ahmed Al Awadhi, Head of Legal Department & General Counsel. With a progressive approach and a mission to uphold the business standards and objectives of the organisation, Al Awadhi firmly believes in deploying the power of technology-based solutions within legal services. As an accomplished legal professional, Al Awadhi has achieved great success in enhancing customer satisfaction by working in alignment with the organisation’s goals and corporate legal policies.

A solid foundation

Ahmed Al Awadhi graduated in 2000 from UAE University, Al Ain, with a Bachelor’s degree in Shariah & Law. Right after, he joined the legal department of the Dubai Economic Department, where he gained valuable exposure and experience in handling legal and regulatory matters. He first joined Jafza in 2005 where he attained the position of SVP – Legal Affairs & General Counsel. His role entailed management of the development and implementation of department plans, strategies, budgets, policies, and procedures concerning legal standards.

While working for Jafza, Al Awadhi completed the Dubai Leaders Program in 2009. With a zeal for learning, in 2012 he went on to complete his Master’s in Commercial Law from Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain. Since 2017, Al Awadhi has been working as the Head of the Legal Department & General Legal Counsel at DP World UAE, where he oversees corporate affairs and business and commercial transactions including licensing, trademark registration and protection of intellectual property rights.

Apart from his role in DP World UAE, Al Awadhi is the Head of the Legal Committee of the Dubai Free Zones Council and is a member of the Legal Committee for studying and amending local and federal laws with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he is also a participating member of the country’s Commissioner’s team that reviews the UAE’s Trade Policy and has contributed to drafting laws and government initiatives launched by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, and Federal Customs Authority. Al Awadhi is also a qualified Arbitrator listed with the Dubai International Arbitration Centre.

Valuable learnings

Throughout his career, Al Awadhi has upgraded his knowledge of the sector by participating in various local and international workshops, and insightful conferences such as the Government Summit, the Dubai Leadership Programme, etc. 

Emphasising the role played by DP World UAE in helping him build a successful career, Al Awadhi said: “DP World UAE has the ideal environment for growth. The organisation’s ‘learn and grow’ culture, forward-thinking approach and ‘people first’ outlook are major contributors to my success. This helped me excel at the various opportunities I was given and enhanced my knowledge and skills.”

Influencing legal-tech

When it comes to DP World UAE, the optimal usage of technology and smart solutions across the organisation’s departments is a top priority. The legal department also follows this philosophy. Sharing insights on this Al Awadhi said, “Technology is a key element in all three sections of the legal department, namely, corporate, legislation, and litigation. By integrating our services with technology and online platforms, people can now file cases and attend hearings online. With the help of Dubai Trade, we have ensured that all transactions and legal procedures are carried out using the digital platform. Additionally, we also intend to ease the process of setting up a company in our free zones by enabling our customers to carry out procedures remotely.”

Optimising the role of technology in the sector, Al Awadhi played a significant role in connecting individuals and organisations with competent judicial bodies, enabling the registration of legal cases electronically via links to the Rental Disputes Centre and Dubai Courts directly from the organisation. Thus, making the process time-efficient and cost-effective for both, the organisation, and the judicial bodies. Al Awadhi also emphasised on the organisation’s intention to consider the possibility of accepting payments and transactions via digital currency, i.e., cryptocurrency, thus accelerating digital innovation in the organisation.