Engineer future of commewijne

Engineer future of commewijne

Engineer the future of Commewijne


A state-of-the-art Marine Industrial Park is being developed at Suzannasdaal in the Commewijne District, to support the evolving offshore oil and gas industry. This creates significant opportunities for Suriname businesses to be part of the new industry and as such contribute to Suriname’s Local Content goals.

The Industrial Park in Commewijne also creates opportunities for accelerated development of modern and sustainable cities, communities and infrastructure. Commewijne can become a key district in Suriname’s near future development because of its strategic location in combination with its green-field possibilities due to the enormous areas of available land.

With the projected Marine Industrial Park as catalyst, the Commewijne District can:

  • Develop (supporting) industries that create great employment opportunities
  • Implement a modern, sustainable, future-proof spatial planning program that aims for:
  • Residential areas stimulating a high quality-of-life standard
  • Dedicated industry, agriculture, tourism and commercial areas in accordance with modern governing requirements
  • Implement a modern roads infrastructure network that directly benefits Commewijne, Paramaribo, Wanica and Para. Efficiently accommodating the forecasted significant increase in high-speed traffic in the country.

 SURINAME STUDENTS | ages 17 – 27 years:

  • Present us a visionary Master Plan for District Commewijne that best addresses the opportunities for Suriname’s sustainable development.
  • Registration for participation from June 29- August 14
  • Full digital submission on or before November 15, 2022
  • A descriptive document with maximum 2,000 words
  • Illustrations as required to clarify and/or support the Master Plan. 
  • The jury, containing professionals from the Suriname government authorities and the Suriname private sector, shall assess the submissions and determine the ranking.
  • The best submissions will get the opportunity to present their Master Plan at a public event on December 27, 2022 for a greater jury.
  • The WINNER gets a journey to Dubai, home of DP world, to gain further inspiration for Master Planning in Suriname.

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