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E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Services


E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sale. Click here to download the brochure with instructions on how to use our E-commerce services.


1. Registration

  • You will receive a unique customer number

2. Select

  • Shop online at your favorite web shop in the US and deliver them at our warehouse. See our brochure for websites to choose from the US
  • No Credit card available? No problem, we can pre-finance the items for you.

3.Order & Payment

  •  After accepting our quotation, you will be required to place a down payment
  • After we receive the payment , we will place the order of the items and they will be delivered to our warehouse facility and shipped to Suriname


  • Once your products have arrived at our facility in Suriname, you will received your final invoice and be contacted to collect your package(s) and pay the remaining balance
  •   For the general terms and conditions, check the download the e-commerce brochure on page 2

5.Terms & Conditions

  • Down payment of minimal 75%: product cost + pre- finance fee( if applicable) + credit card fee (if applicable)+ freight charges
  • Only bank transfers in USD or EUR are accepted for payment. You can pay local fees in SRD.
  • Products will be ordered following quotation approval and down payment. Change is not possible after this.
  • Prices on the applicable website (s) are subject to change.
  • The AWB fee and customs duties are not included in the total amount. That is still chargeable.
  • The quotation's freight charges are merely an estimate. These are calculated based on the actual weight and may differ from the quotation.
  • DPWLS does not provide a warranty for the item or items you buy.
  • DPWLS disclaims all responsibility for the state and/or quality of the items
  • You will receive a notification to pick up your package(s) and make the remaining payment after your products arrive.
  • The goods ordered must be picked up by you within 14 days of receiving notification from DPWLS.
  • If the goods are not claimed after 30 days, DPWLS retains the right to resell them without giving the deposit back.
  • Exchanges and returns are not accepted after the item(s) have been collected.