CARGOES Logistics Finance

What is CARGOES Finance?

Importers, exporters and logistics companies form the backbone of global trade. The lack of access to capital hinders the growth of these entities.

Providing financing to these companies has a multiplier effect on trade, income and employment generation.

DP World seeks to address this working capital need through CARGOES Finance that provides a wide range of financing solutions from premier financial institutions at competitive interest rates.

Financing We Offer


Trade Finance

Benefit from a variety of pre & post shipment financing options for your imports & exports


Logistics Finance

Access to receivables and payables financing facilities for sales and purchase of logistics services


Inventory Finance

Leverage your inventory as collateral and finance your business based on the value of your stock in the warehouse

Why Choose Us?

How it Works

A seamless onboarding process from client underwriting to release of funds.

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