Single Maritime Gateway at Banana Port will be a game changer for DRCs international trade growth

Single Maritime Gateway at Banana Port will be a game changer for DRCs international trade growth

Date: 09/06/2023

Kinshasa, DRC, 7th April 2022: The development of Banana Port near Moanda in the Kongo Central Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a key project for DP World and brings to life the vision of His Excellency,

President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi, to further develop the country’s trade and logistic sector. The port will be the DRC’s first deep seaport along its 37km coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.

The DRC is Africa's second largest and fourth-most populous country, and with the port, and related infrastructure, it will attract and receive more direct calls from larger container vessels travelling from Asia and Europe and enable the country to finally have its logistics independence and take its place in world trade.

DP World is a leading global provider of end-to-end supply chain logistics, enabling the flow of trade across the globe. Our comprehensive range of products and services covers every link of the integrated supply chain – from maritime and inland terminals to marine services and industrial parks as well as technology-driven customer solutions. We deliver these services through a global network of over 350 business units in 75 countries across six continents.

We have already started revetment works, and once the port is complete it will be a major leap forward to enhancing the country’s access to international markets and global supply chains.

The benefits of the port are many, from job creation to easier and quicker access to goods, increased exports, attraction of further investment, thereby boosting economic growth and making the DRC an important trade player in the region and beyond.

The port will have a 600m quay with an 18m draught, enabling it to accommodate the largest container vessels sailing the world’s oceans. Additional projects, such as our development of a freezone near the port, will also attract further foreign direct investment, and open new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, thereby creating both indirect and direct jobs for locals. The Government’s upgrade of the key road between Boma and Moanda will also massively contribute to economic development, enabling communities along this corridor, and the wider region, to thrive and prosper.

The success of Banana Port, however, is dependent on it being the single maritime gateway in the DRC for containerised trade by sea, and there being no other project that will run counter to the objectives and vision for Banana Port.

Banana Port as the single maritime gateway will hold many benefits and advantages for the country, in terms of security, economy, and trade. We will develop it in line with international best practice and to the highest standards to improve, harmonize, simplify, and accelerate processes to facilitate international trade, with the full cooperation of all relevant DRC services. Banks, custom offices, inspections, and all entities involved in the processing of imports and exports will be in one place - a one stop shop. It will impact positively Boma and Matadi ports and will increase overall business as both are key in the integrated multi-modal logistics model we are developing for the country’s maritime trade. The Matadi community can also be assured that trade will flow between the two ports by both the river and road.

The DRC and its people will be the overall winners of the Banana port development as it will unlock the full potential of imports and exports of the country and give the DRC sovereignty over its trade.