Climate Change

Introduction to climate change

Climate change

How We’re Supporting A Green and Equitable Net-Zero Transition


Climate change is here, and its impacts are real. At DP World, we know continued mitigation is vital, but we’re also focused on the reality on the ground today and tomorrow. Building resiliency and adapting to the challenges that climate change brings, by ensuring the continued flow of trade. For our employees, partners, communities we serve, and the wider world.



Equipment electrification & efficiency

Reduce diesel and marine fuel consumption


Process efficiency and digitalisation

Introduce innovation and low-carbon technologies in operations portfolio and maximise efficiency in processes


Renewable energy supply

Produce electricity from renewable energy of carbon-neutral sources


Low-carbon fuels

Produce low- or zero-carbon fuels to replace diesel and marine fuel


Carbon compensation

Compensate the remaining carbon that cannot be avoided with carbon credits or other carbon offsetting method




We may not have all the decarbonisation solutions today but by setting a clear goal, embedding sustainability principles into our operations and collaborating with industry and government partners, we believe we can achieve our short- and long-term goals.


Aligned with the Paris Agreement

An intermediate target of 28% reduction of our carbon footprint in response to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 6th Assessment Report revealing the shortcomings of the global community on path to net zero by 2050.


Carbon neutrality

Compensation of residual carbon emissions after maximising deep decarbonisation. We have integrated biodiversity protection and restoration initiatives as a part of our approach to climate change mitigation and are working with the right partners to achieve this.


Net zero carbon emissions

We will achieve our targets by investing in zero carbon technologies, environmental activities, and carbon compensation. DP World will be the driving force of the industry to mitigate impacts of climate change.

Equipment electrification

Equipment electrification

  • Established an equipment electrification capital plan for our fleet of RTGs and electric terminal tractors, with a part of our $500M investment commitment by 2027 focused on this program.

  • Completed proofs of concept of electric equipment, including terminal tractors and straddle carriers.

  • Consideration of electric equipment requirements and renewable energy in design and development of new projects.

Renewable energy procurement

Renewable energy procurement

  • Achieved 22.1% renewable electricity supply across DP World Group in 2022, through green tariffs, self-generation, and certificates of origin.

  • On track to surpass 60% renewable electricity supply in 2023.

  • Achieved 100% renewable electricity supply at operations in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Dry Docks World in the UAE.

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Equipment efficiency

Equipment efficiency

  • Started collecting detailed Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics data for all terminals, logistics and marine divisions to locate inefficiencies contributing to high carbon intensity operations.

  • OEE targets will be used to drive energy savings within operations.



The climate crisis is a water crisis. We feel its impacts through floods, rising sea levels, and other extreme weather events. We are committed to improve inclusivity and access to clean water, restoring ocean health, and protecting biodiversity to lead trade to a more sustainable future.


We want to make sure no one gets left behind as the world transitions, and strongly believe everyone should have access to quality education, irrespective of their gender. Aligning to SDG 4 and 5, we are building the necessary skills and experience for all communities.



Maersk-McKinney Moller Center

Working with the Maersk-McKinney Moller Center, we seek to identify and scale solutions to decarbonise the maritime industry.


UN Global Compact

In early 2022, we joined the UNGC Ocean Stewardship Coalition and committed to the UNGC’s Sustainable Ocean Principles.


Blue Marine Foundation

We work with the Blue Marine Foundation to assess and identify methods to develop a Blue Carbon market.


Climate Tribe

As the Global Impact Partner for Climate Tribe, we help drive storytelling and community engagement to inspire greater climate action.


Climate Proofing the Supply Chain

Climate proofing the supply chain

We examine three climate scenarios, assessing the potential impact of weather hazards across 50 ports and terminals in our global portfolio.

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Bringing Climate Innovations in Finance and Trade to Life

Decarbonisation requires new alliances and networks to unlock financing and reinvent trade

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Changing the Perception of Water

Changing the perception of water

Water is crucial for life on Earth and vital for our well-being. Businesses, including ours, can play a significant role in changing how water is used.

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