Our Approach to Sustainability

Our commitments

We are investing in the long term in our business around the world, driving best practice, investing in innovation and measuring our progress, always seeking to do more. We focus on four commitments to:

  • Minimise impacts on our environment by better managing natural resources and emissions
  • Invest in our people by embracing diversity, encouraging personal development and providing them with the tools to drive change
  • Ensure the safety of our people and strive for zero harm at work
  • Build a vibrant, secure and resilient society through strategic investment in the issues that affect our people and our industry

We look for ways to innovate and improve across all our commitments. We are dedicated to sharing what we do with our customers, suppliers and partners to encourage sustainable practice.

Society (Building a Vibrant, Secure and Resilient Society)

At DP World, we work in a dynamic and innovative environment where we are very conscious of making informed decisions. Our World, Our Future sustainability programme is embedded into our business processes, demonstrating clear leadership in responsible business. “Our aim is to make a positive impact in society for current and future generations which we manage and monitor based on four key commitments” DP World Jeddah CEO ‘Mohammad Alshaikh’ signs MOU with the Saudi Food Bank (Eta’am) as society initiative to partner in implementing the vision of HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz’s scheme to conserve the food waste raise awareness & behavioural change in the community.

Environment (Protecting Our Environment)

We Care the Environment

“Go Green” campaign is a campaign we launch annually to bring change that will benefit the whole planet Our main focus is Re-use & Recycle, Climate Change and Community

Resume and Recycle

  • Reusing Waste Material from the Port
  • Recycling Campaign
  • Food Waste and Composting Campaign
  • Clean Up Campaign of Terminal and Surrounding Areas

Climate Change

  • Energy Saving Campaign
  • Clean Transportation Campaign
  • Tree Planting at the Port
  • Climate Change Awareness Campaign


  • Tree Planting/Habitat Creation within the Community
  • Volunteering at local wildlife Area/Park
  • Environment Education to the Community
  • Cleaning of Local Areas Campaign e.g. Beaches and Parks

Go Green Initiative Team after they have planting some trees in a public community park Go Green planting and watering plants in wood box made from disposal items Click Here to download Go Green Campaign PDF document

Marine Environment Conservation

Environment Conservation is one of our main concerns. A team of 30 volunteers participated in this event with total 90 volunteering hours and shared in cleaning seaside along one kilometers sharing other stakeholders of our client Jeddah Islamic Port and other terminal operators, a matter which asserts the significant role played by DP World in the community where it works and benefits it bring to the communities and business.

Ensuring the Highest Safety Standards

Terminal safety is our prime concern we aim to motivate our people to become more safety conscious, discipline and proactively engaged to eradicate wrong practices. Safety is however the to everyone responsibility. However the outstanding performer and safety rules complying are regularly appraised and rewarded, a matter that result in improving and enhancing our culture and get our staff more plugged to DPW World core strategy of delivering outstanding performance in a safer workplace.