DP World Stuttgart sustainably connected with Rotterdam

DP World Stuttgart sustainably connected with Rotterdam

Date: 23/06/2022

Our trimodal DP World Stuttgart terminal is an indispensable linking pin for attractively connecting the Port of Rotterdam via rail and barge with the extensive southern German industry. Watch the video.

At the end of June, the Port of Rotterdam extensively presented itself in Stuttgart as an attractive port for the southern German industry, both for imports and exports. The trimodal DP World Stuttgart terminal plays a prominent role in this. “We are the beginning and end of every transport chain,” said terminal manager Christian König in a video shot especially for the occasion at DP World Stuttgart.

Transit time Stuttgart - Rotterdam only one day

The video was broadcasted during the Port of Rotterdam's Supply Chain Talks, live from the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. DP World Stuttgart is sustainably connected to Rotterdam via barge and by train. By train, containers can be in the port in one day or from there in Stuttgart.

35 million euros for sustainable expansion

In view of the growing importance of rail and inland waterway transport, DP World Stuttgart will invest 35 million euros in the expansion of the terminal in the coming years. “We see an increasing demand for sustainable transport,” says terminal manager König, who makes it easy to understand the differences in sustainability performance of the various modalities. “A barge transports one tonne of cargo more than 1000 kilometres away with a fuel consumption of less than 5 litres. For a train that is approximately 750 kilometres and for a truck barely 200 kilometres. In addition, driver shortage will only increase further in the coming years. Barge and rail will help ensure reliable transport.” DP World Stuttgart is fully ready for this.

Watch the interview with Christian König in the Supply Chain Talks: Full Video