Our Legacy


Creating a lasting legacy for our industry and society.


‘Our Future’ looks beyond our business to address the lasting legacy we can create for our industry and society. Our vision for a better, more equitable world focuses on bringing positive change across the three legacy areas of Education, Women’s Empowerment and Water.


Championing talent to drive the future of world trade.

Our Global Volunteer Week took place at Reggane District in Adrar Province, located over 1,500 kms away from Algiers city. Seven volunteers from DP World Djazair, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, delivered the Global education programme to 280 students, highlighting the importance of our role in boosting the Algerian economy through flowing trade, strengthening their understanding of our various business roles to create such vocations.

Our Global Education Programme continues to engage 8-14-year-olds across all the regions we operate in. It teaches and inspires them on the topic of global trade and logistics. The programme has run for five years with success:

  • Over 1500 students have taken part in the programme
  • 90% of teachers said the programme provided something new that our school program could not provide to the new generation
  • 100% of students said they learned something new
  • all volunteers say their job satisfaction has increased after taking part

Women’s Empowerment

Raising the standards, wherever we are.

The trade and logistics industry faces a shortage of skills every year, especially in the face of rapid technological development. With women representing a highly talented and skilled proportion of the workforce not being fully utilized, we are committed to increasing female representation to bring much-needed skills and talents to the workforce.

Since 2018 we have been working on the launch of the global mentoring program: #MentorHer. The objective was to give all our employees the opportunity to be supervised by a senior from our company.


All together to save our seas

The maritime sector is the most responsible for preserving the world beneath the surface.

Operating within this sector, we are committed to the objectives of the SDGs and to prioritising the protection of the environment and biodiversity of the Algerian coast, to make life below water better.

In collaboration with the competent authorities, we organized an awareness day for the protection of the seabed or the main summer activity of cleaning the seas. Our volunteers already trained to dive are part of a group of divers external to the company to participate in each clean-up operation. Employees as well as divers are trained to become professional in the scuba diving exercise.

The first operation was a great success in getting the local authorities to agree to develop a clean-up program annually before the summer season, where the stockholders ask to actively contribute to these clean-up operations that preserve the marine ecosystem.