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Established O&G logistics Base

Multi-user logistics area that supports O&G operations in Cyprus and Eastern Mediterranean including open and close storage, offices and drilling liquid production facilities

Planning permit allows full range of O&G activities during exploration, construction and production phases, including:

  • Drilling liquid production
  • Fully Environmental Impact Assesment approved.
  • Open storage area/warehouses for short- or long-term rental
  • 130,000 Sqm and 430m dedicated Oil & Gas area with flexibility to increase as needed
  • 24/7 availability
  • 1.6km quay, 16 meter draft

Projects supported:

  • Zohr phase I & II (Mob/De-mob, pipe storage, husbandry/warehouse support
  • Leviathan shore base (fabrication of subsea)
  • Karish Shore base (fabrication of spools, 90km pipe storage and handling)
  • Exxon, ENI, Total- Cyprus EEZ exploration phases