DP World Limassol aims to restore Cyprus

DP World Limassol aims to restore Cyprus’ leading role in cruise sector

Limassol Port operator DP World Limassol aims to re-establish Cyprus as the leading cruise hub in the Eastern Mediterranean, a role the island held historically. 

Speaking at the 2nd Limassol Business and Investment Summit being attended by the Mayor of Limassol, DP World Limassol CEO Mr. Nawaf Abdulla outlined the city’s advantages and prospects, especially as regards the shipping and cruise sectors. A panel discussion on the strategies for turning Limassol into a tourism, leisure and lifestyle hotspot was held with leaders from the business industry to address some of the current and future strategies of the city. 

Mr. Abdulla noted that “Limassol, is one of the largest ship management centres in the world and the largest in Europe. It is an international business centre with modern infrastructure and extensive port facilities, including a new, modern, cruise terminal and two marinas. Limassol is home to the island’s biggest port and as such, it is the heart of Cyprus’ maritime operations. It is a modern, developed city with the necessary communications and transport infrastructure and skilled labour force. 

DP World Limassol expects over 150 cruise ship calls this year, a significant rise over the previous year, which saw about 90 cruise ships. The upward trend is expected to continue into 2023, as the company sees its efforts to bolster partnerships with leading international cruise lines. 

Mr. Abdulla said: “Historically Cyprus, Limassol in particular, was the leading cruise location in the Mediterranean. Our aim is to re-establish Cyprus as the leading Cruise Hub in the East Mediterranean by developing and strengthening homeporting and promoting transit calls.”