The DP World railway terminal from Dornești

The DP World railway terminal from Dornești facilitates and increases the efficiency of the cargo traffic on the Ukraine – Constanța route

The DP World Dornesti terminal has started to operate in the month of September of the current year and facilitates the container transport between Ukraine and the Port of Constanta. The terminal links Romania with the south of Ukraine, at the border crossing check-point Vadu-Siret, contributing to the congestion reduction at the border and respectively from the Port of Constanta.

DP World – worldwide leader in logistic and cargo transport services, developed the new intermodal terminal in order to reduce the congestion through the Port of Constanta, caused by the increased number of Ukrainian trucks. The new solution allows the fast transfer of cargo originating from/with the destination Ukraine, from the trucks onto the rail, just from the Ukrainian border. Therefore, the Ukrainian trucks will not be obliged to drive 700 de km to the Port of Constanta, where days will be lost for customs formalities. 

"We have developed this intermodal terminal in order to contribute to the reduction of the significant congestion problems we dealt with in our maritime terminal from Constanta. We provide uninterrupted operations for the Romanian imports and exports, irrespective of the large volumes of cargo in transit”, Cosmin Cârstea stated, the CEO of DP World in Romania.

According to the DP World representatives, the new railway service can operate with up to five trainsets roundtrip per week, each transporting 50 containers. The transit time between Dornesti and Constanta is of 36 hours, and the price of the railway transport is significantly more reduced than the road transport. The terminal has a surface of 2.5 hectares, being able to accommodate up to 1,250 large containers (12.2 m in length) or 2,500 small containers (6.1 m in length). The terminal has a regime of bonded warehouse, providing the cargo operated here the possibility of performing a wide range of customs operations, such as the transit or re-export operations. At the same time, the terminal offers an efficient connectivity with all the trading hubs from the region.

DP World company makes efforts to optimise the supply chain and to create added value through digitalization. This shall inevitably lead to the reducing of the waiting times for the cargo trucks, to greater predictability and transparency in real time, to the placement and rapid execution of the orders from the customers and to the simplification of the customs procedures. The development of new terminals in Romania encourages the company to use more and more the sustainable modes of transport, such as the railway and the maritime transport.