75,000,000-dollar investments in the Port

75,000,000-dollar investments in the Port of Constanta will bring new trade opportunities for more industries in Romania

DP World is developing two new terminals in the Port of Constanta. The construction has already started and includes the execution of the first truck terminal dedicated for the Roll On/Roll Off (RORO) from the country and of an out-of-gauge terminal. The company shall invest 75 million dollars in order to develop the necessary infrastructure for the two terminals and the purchasing of all the related facilities. An amount estimated at 45 million dollars from the investment is obtained by the company through European grants.

Constanta is already the largest port for the Black Sea trade, but also an important hub for the trading routes worldwide. In the first 6 months of the year 2022, it was ranked on the first place in regards to the volume of cargo processed, out of all the Black Sea ports.

Information about the projects

The new RORO terminal will be able to handle over 45,000 transport units (containers, trucks and semi-trailers) per year in the first stage of the investment and over 80,000 in the second stage. The land of 7.7 hectares on which it will be developed shall have a capacity of 400 parking places for trucks. The project shall facilitate the employment of 30-50 people directly and of other hundreds of work places in the indirect economy. 

DP World company shall be able to offer customers reliable, rapid and direct routes. The services delivered shall include the loading and the unloading, the documentation control, separate parking for the import and the export flows and the scanning of the transport units. 

At the same time, there will be the possibility to load the semi-trailers on railway wagons and to offer deliveries in countries across Europe. The combination of the maritime and of the railway modes offer major benefits from the perspective of the reduction of the carbon emissions across the entire transport chain.

An important part of this investment is represented by the purchasing of a drive-through, last generation scanner, with a capacity of over 70 trucks/hour, actually the only one of this kind from the country.

The out-of-gauge cargo terminal is built in order to be able to load and unload the out-of-gauge cargo, with high volumes and non-homogenous shapes. In the terminal, cargo with a weight of up to 22 tonnes/sq.m. shall be stored, with far more than the capacity existing today in the Port of Constanta. Therefore, new opportunities for the Port of Constanta shall be opened, in order to provide services for industries such as the oil extraction in the deep seawaters or for the energy industry.

Cosmin Cârstea, CEO of DP World Romania, stated: „We are living unprecedented times and we must look with interest at all investment opportunities. The new terminals add up to the services from the Port of Constanta, they bring diversity and more benefits to our customers. Besides the wide range of intermodal services we offer in the port and with our reliable navigation routes, DP World will be able to offer integrated services, more flexibility and will be able to create more rapid and more efficient shipping options for all our customers, not only for now, but for the long-term.”

The investment was scheduled to be operational in the first part of next year, but the entire construction process shall be finalized at the end of the year 2023. We are eagerly looking forward to announce the inauguration and to be witnesses of the first ships berthing at and leaving the new  RORO terminal!