DP World’s Bedaya Summer Programme Empowers UAE’s Youth

Cultivating Future Leaders in Shipping and Ports Sector: DP World’s Bedaya Summer Programme Empowers UAE’s Youth

  • DP World offers a range of training programmes that attract young Emirati talent
  • Bedaya Summer Programme: An exploratory journey for UAE’s youth into the world of ports and maritime shipping.
  • The Bedaya Summer Programme includes a variety of activities and practical exercises aimed at developing participants’ skills and enhancing their competence.

DP World reaffirms its unwavering commitment to empowering Emirati youth through the transformative Bedaya Summer Programme. Aligned with the UAE’s ongoing efforts to bolster the Emiratisation policy that aims to cultivate national talent and offer exceptional opportunities to its burgeoning youth, DP World offers a diverse range of training programmes aimed at attracting and nurturing Emirati talent.

Reflecting the visionary goals set by the UAE government to enhance the role of youth as pivotal drivers of economic and social development in the country, DP World’s training initiatives are tailored to augment the skillsets of Emirati youth. These programmes not only equip them with valuable knowledge but also provide them with opportunities to build a successful future within the thriving port and maritime shipping sector in the country.

The Bedaya Summer Programme is a unique platform for high school and university students as it offers them firsthand experiences in the dynamic world of ports and maritime shipping within the UAE. It is a journey that instills essential skills and fosters a deep understanding of the vital sector.

The Bedaya Summer Programme incorporates a comprehensive array of activities and hands-on training sessions geared towards honing participants’ abilities and elevating their competence. The curriculum spans essential aspects including effective communication and leaderships skills, mastering the art of event organisation, instilling teamwork spirit, and boosting confidence.

At DP World, the training environment is held in high regard, combining education with enjoyment. Recreational trips and engaging activities complement the knowledge gained, with guided tours of key port facilities offering a closer look at the shipping and maritime industry. The programme also provides participants with financial rewards and a certificate of participation.

Marwan Al Jassmi, Senior Vice-President, People Management, DP World, GCC, said: “The Bedaya Summer Programme reflects our firm commitment to empowering and developing Emirati youth. It gives a unique opportunity to gain valuable firsthand experiences and skills that are necessary to build a bright professional future. Through this programme, we seek to empower our youth, and provide them with a platform to explore the work environment and enhance their knowledge on the shipping and ports sector; one of the most vital sectors and of high importance to the UAE.”

About her participation in the Bedaya Summer Programme, Asiya Idris Al-Janahi, AUD Architecture student, said: “What an enjoyable programme! We spent a month taking part in challenges and benefited from the experiences shared by industry experts. We had a unique opportunity to explore different departments in DP World and learned directly from experts across many fields. We have also conducted valuable practical exercises that contributed to building our confidence and developing our communication capabilities.”

The Bedaya Summer Programme represents one of many facets of DP World’s commitment to nurturing UAE’s talent, advancing careers, fulfilling professional aspirations, and bolstering their global presence in the shipping and ports sector.