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New terminal era to witness increased velocity and visibility of container handling

  • CARGOES TOS+ to revolutionise ports and terminals by increasing efficiency and productivity

CARGOES TOS+ is delighted to announce the delivery of Auto Gate System (AGS) and Terminal Internet of Things (TIoT) solutions that are currently being deployed to several customers around the world.

CARGOES TOS+ is a cloud-based Terminal Operating System (TOS), an integrated platform encompassing all IT and operational systems under one umbrella, providing users with real-time information on vessel, gate, and yard movements.

CARGOES TOS+ TIoT is designed to integrate all container handling assets involving real-time location tracking for container terminals through technologies using multi-channel data through devices and physical assets such as shipyards, distributions centres, warehouses, and more. It automatically captures essential container handling or mission-critical data in real-time monitored through an easily visible status window providing maximum transparency of container terminals. It can simply integrate with the TOS+ Terminal Operating System for micro-level job optimisation.

The TIoT also provides a solution for the vast volume of data produced through tasks such as job handling updates and additional orders. The TOS+ TIoT can update and process these vast data sets dynamically without human intervention, reducing human error. It also captures event history and real-time signals directly from various equipment. This allows customers to conduct an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis, finding key bottlenecks and problem areas to improve terminal productivity.

Meanwhile, the TOS+ Automated Gate System (AGS) is a proprietary revolutionary solution with configurable validation for various gate processes. Combined with advanced video analytics engine and proprietary machine-learning algorithm, the video identification feature can identify vehicles and containers with 99% accuracy on average. The AGS works in parallel with traditional fingerprint, ID card or RFID recognition and integrates with CARGOES TOS+ TOS or other third-party systems. Gate tracking KPIs are built-in for processing time, error history and efficiency analysis.

A key feature compared to other competing gate solutions is the algorithm's accuracy that allows for fewer Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cameras - lowering hardware requirements and increasing savings on upfront setup costs.

CARGOES TOS+ is driven to find solutions to resolve challenges for our customers and to better the industry. The team will be hosting several events and sessions during EXPO 2021 in Dubai on the second week of November 2021, where they will present and share experiences on the various trends and challenges impacting global supply chains around the world with special focus on ports and terminals. 

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