The transition to CARGOES TOS+ showcases the real-world potential of technology for enabling the future of smarter, more efficient and effective supply chains.
Nawaf Abdulla, CEO, DP World Limassol

DP World, the leading provider of smart supply chain solutions, today announced CARGOES By DP World - a suite of enterprise solutions for the world of logistics and trade - has completed the implementation of its TOS+ solution in the Port of Limassol, Cyprus.

CARGOES TOS+ provides ports with a feature-rich library of Terminal Operating solutions from documentation and billing management to consolidation and de-consolidation of cargo and more. CARGOES TOS+ is part of the broader CARGOES suite of software, enabling the future of modern smart logistics, globally. CARGOES TOS+ supports integrations with a variety of third parties and is available on 70% of DP World’s ports.

CARGOES TOS+ replaces the previous bulk and container solutions at the terminal. It is now handling container, general cargo and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) activity. During a trial where the old system and the new DP World solution were run concurrently, there was a large drop in radio chatter as equipment operators switched to devices for receiving instructions, resulting in increased productivity. During the testing process, the results outperformed expectations finishing a full week ahead of schedule.

Nawaf Abdulla, CEO, DP World Limassol, said: “The transition to CARGOES TOS+ showcases the real-world potential of technology for enabling the future of smarter, more efficient and effective supply chains. Moving to an entirely cloud-based solution enables greater flexibility and fluidity during a time of immense pressure for the industry. DP World Limassol is the first terminal in the group to upgrade its software to the latest version of Cargoes TOS+ and General Cargo (GC+) cloud modules.”

“CARGOES TOS+ will suggest predictive maintenance to reduce operating costs, improve productivity by identifying bottlenecks, and optimise the terminal’s operational fleets and resource usage. These are great achievements for the team here in Limassol and we look forward to introducing further CARGOES features and automations that our customers and users can benefit from.”

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In a continuously moving world with a growing population, the need for smarter trade is more important than ever before. DP World created our digital service CARGOES based on over 40 years of experience in logistics to solve challenges in the supply chain that create inefficiency and slow down trade. CARGOES provides solutions that support shippers with tracking to ports around the world. It also helps nations manage their operations or regulatory logistics needs.

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Limassol Dramatically Improves Efficiency With New Terminal Operating System