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Zones of Opportunity

As the dynamics of global trade have changed, the need for focused zones of developed infrastructure, with ready access to international shipping, has increased. Global manufacturing operations have sought out such locations, looking for ways to get closer to their customers, improve their logistics, and expand into new markets.

In response, our Parks and Economic Zones business has taken our experience from the development and management of the massive Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai and looked to replicate it in key international locations. By expanding this successful model we now own, develop and operate industrial parks, inland cargo depots, special economic zones and specialist facilities around the world that help to enable trade.

Services and Incentives

With over 30 years’ experience in running free parks and zones, we have been able to create leading hubs around the world that encourage partnerships and long-term relationships between businesses.

By offering quality-driven, value-added services and incentives, our industrial parks and special economic zones are connecting customers with global investors and partners. This means that customers have access to the support they need to access and secure huge business opportunities with ease and efficiency.

Case Study: DP World London Gateway

Working with DP World can change the way your business operates, improving efficiency – and in the case of fruit importer SH Pratt, developing a whole new revenue stream. Since 1947 the family-run operation, based in the UK, has built a reputation for excellence in importing, ripening and distributing fruit. The company has earned a dominant market position as the UK’s largest importer and ripener of bananas, handling some 25 million pieces each week.

DP World’s London Gateway team worked closely with the firm over a two-year period, building a compelling business case for SH Pratt to open a new facility in the UK dedicated solely to handling citrus fruits, rather than bananas. Through careful analysis we were able to demonstrate the clear value proposition of establishing a port-centric perishables facility for this completely new business line, adjacent to the port and on the doorstep of the UK’s largest consumer market, London and the South East.

Proving London Gateway’s position as the premier port for fresh and frozen produce was an important part of securing SH Pratts’ commitment to lease a build-to-suit facility at the location. Even more important was the ability of the London Gateway supply chain team to establish a level of trust and confidence such that it could bring additional business to SH Pratt, as well as deliver a state-of-the-art facility, at a competitive rental. Working with our customer, we identified an opportunity – and a pathway to realising it.

As the new facility draws closer to becoming operational, it will enable SH Pratt to open up a new product line for its customers, becoming more competitive and increasingly indispensable to supermarket buyers.

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