Flow Forum

Flow Forum

DP World’s must-see thought leadership programme – a series of summits over the 6 months of Expo to shape the future of trade.

Events programme

4 OCT 2021: Thematic Business Forum - Climate Change & Biodiversity

DP World will host two breakout sessions in the Pavilion providing an opportunity for partners to have meaningful conversations that ultimately foster knowledge transfer.

6 OCT 2021: Conservation for Hope

Through sessions exploring deforestation, protecting the oceans, combatting illegal wildlife trade and financing solutions, participants will gain an understanding of why biodiversity conservation matters to the private sector and how they can effect positive change.

Watch highlights

MAR 2022: ASEAN Forum

Focusing on growth the ASEAN region, this forum will explore how industries and countries can work together to find mutually beneficial opportunities, spotlighting Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Thailand in their commitment to transforming their exports and involvement with the WLP.

MAR 2022: Future of Mobility

A full day forum bringing together thought leaders and subject matters in the world of Mobility to discuss the opportunities and requirements to prepare companies for the mobility of tomorrow while addressing the challenges the present holds.

16 MAR 2022: Africa Forum

A full day forum reconfiguring trade and supply chains to maximise flows between Africa and the world through the build of Trade Corridors in Africa and its logistics profile.

20 MAR 2022: Protecting the Future of our Waters

Full agenda coming soon

23 MAR 2022: LatAm Forum

Globalisation has opened Latin America’s exports up to the world. Hosted by the DPW Americas region, this forum will focus on how Investments in infrastructure are critical to ensuring Latin America can keep pace with global trade flows, while continuing to bolster its own capability.

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