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To lead the future of world trade

General Information

A: DP World is a global operator of container and marine terminals.You can find out more by visiting the About section of our website.
A: You can view DP World Board members and biographies online in the Board of Directors section of the website.
A: DP World is incorporated in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) with a registered address and Head Office located in Jebel Ali, Dubai.
A: DP World investor relations team would be delighted to assist: investor.relations@dpworld.com
A: All cash dividend payment via cheque are now discontinued. Kindly be advised Dividend payments will only be made to investors who have (1) a valid Dubai Financial Market Investor Number (DFM NIN) and (2) updated their payment method to either Bank Account Transfer or iVESTOR Card. To avoid disruptions in receiving future dividends please update your details at the earliest by contacting your broker.

Once your details have been updated, you can follow these steps in order to receive your uncollected dividends;

You will need to speak to your broker about dividends paid from 2008-2010 (inclusive), as these dividends were paid to your broker on your behalf during that time.
You will need to contact The Customer Service agents in DFM on +971 4 305 5555 to enquire about DP World dividends paid from 2011 onwards as these dividends were paid by the DFM.

You can contact Mr. Amin Fikree, DP World Investor Relations (Email; amin.fikree@dpworld.com, Mob. +97156 6811553, Tel. +9714 8080923), for further assistance.
A: In order to open an account and start trading DP World shares, follow the instructions on the Nasdaq Dubai website;

For further enquiries or questions in this regards, you can contact Nasdaq Dubai Customer Service (Email business@nasdaqdubai.com, Tel: +9714 3055455) or Amin Fikree, DP World Investor Relations (Email; amin.fikree@dpworld.com, Mob. +97156 6811553, Tel. +9714 8080923)
A: The DFM Fatwa & Shari’a Supervisory Boards does classify DP World as a Shariah compliant stock.
Visit http://www.dfm.ae/sharia/companies-classification/classification-list-page?q=3&y=2015&e=nasdaq.
It is important to note that this list does get updated periodically and there is no guarantee that the company will remain Shariah compliant in the future.

Financial Information

A: DP World produces Interim and Full Year results which are lodged on the NASDAQ Dubai and London Stock Exchanges. A copy of financial result materials can be found online on the Investor section.
A: DP World regularly updates its financial calendar which includes result announcements. The calendar is located on our website on the Investor section/ Investor Relations Calendar
A: DP World provides an online user-friendly Annual Report for shareholders. A PDF version is also available for download online

Annual General Meeting

A: DP World holds its AGM around the end of April each year. A copy of the financial calendar, including the AGM date is available online on the Investor Section: Investor / Annual General Meeting
A: The AGM is your opportunity to become directly involved in certain company decisions. You will be asked to vote (either in person or by proxy) on important matters and you may also ask questions about them of those present.
A: DP World AGM Notices are sent via email to the registered email address under your Investor Number (NIN). We request all shareholders to always update their contact details. In order to change or add investor information, you can fill up the ‘Changing or Adding of Investor Information’ on http://www.dfm.ae/investors/investor-services. If you do not have a NIN, please fill up ‘Issuing Investor Number’

A copy of the AGM Notice is also made available on our website online