Digital Freight Logistics

Other Core CARGOES Logistics Services

Fulfil your container shipping requirements with CARGOES Logistics and get instant shipping quote for your ocean freight. The platform provides best freight charges for international shipping as well as multiple secure payment options for container booking along with advanced container tracking.


Request a Truck

Fill out a simple form, telling us what you need moved


Document Authenticity

Edit documents collaboratively and in realtime and grant access to those who need it


Trade Finance

No need for capitalisation on 'international', 'pre' and 'post'


Receive Bids

Local trucking companies compete for your business


Improved Traceability

End-to-end visibility and product traceability, from origin to destination, via a shared ledger


Logistics Finance

Avail finance for domestic logistic services viz-a-viz invoice discounting and invoice factoring


Schedule Your Transport

After approving a bid, tell us when and where, and we’ll get it moved


Operation Automation

Streamline and automate business processes to reduce costs and boost efficiency


Customised Finance

We work with you to understand your specific finance requirements

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How it Works

End-to-end visibility

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